Bistro Pepper

Open in season 11 – 22.


Starters, Soups, Salads

1 Bread with butter or alioli 1.90€
2 Garlic Bread 2.10€
3 Little green salad
lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Bistro’s salad dressing
4 Canarian potatoes with red mojo-sauce 3.90€
5 Shrimp in garlic oil 8.50€
6 Creamy mushroom soup with dark bread Small 5.90€
Big 7.90€
7 Creamy or clear perch soup with dark bread Small 5.90€
Big 8.00€
8 Tuna salad
Tuna fish, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber, boiled egg and Bistro’s salad dressing
9 Warm chicken salad
Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, marinated red onion, pineapple, salsa-rosa, and bread

House burger

10 Homemade burger steak or grilled chicken breast, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, marinated red onion, gherkins, bacon and Bistro’s mayonnaise in a farm house roll, served with french fries 11.90€

Main Courses

11 Bistro’s Fish
Lightly battered perch fillet, cold mustard dill sauce, mashed potatoes and green salad with Bistro’s salad dressing
12 Grilled fish in garlic oil with shrimp, seasonal vegetables and canarian potatoes 12.90€
13 Grilled chicken breast, pepper sauce, french fries and green salad with Bistro’s salad dressing 9.90€
14 Breaded chicken breast, mushroom sauce and french fries and green salad 10.90€
15 House special chicken stuffed with bacon, ham and cheese.
Salsa rosa-dressing, Bistro’s country style potato wedges and green salad with Bistro’s salad dressing
16 Bistro’s meatballs in a creamy sauce, mashed potatoes, gherkins and beetroot 10.90€
17 Wien’s escalope
Breaded pork sirloin, slice of lemon, French fries and seasonal vegetables
18 Bistro’s escalope
Breaded pork sirloin, fried bacon, fried egg, gherkins, beetroot and French fries
19 Grilled sirloin minute steak of beef, seasoned butter, green salad with Bistros mustard salad dressing and French fries 12.90€
20 Grilled steak of beef sirloin with selected dressing, seasonal vegetables and French fries 11.90€
21 Bistro’s pepper steak of beef tenderloin with creamy cognac pepper sauce, potato wedges, green asparagus and grilled tomato 16.90€

You can substitute some of the ingredients of your meal
with the following:

cognac-cream-pepper sauce,
mushroomsauce, creamsauce, salsa-rosa dressing, seasoned butter, French fries, mashed potatoes, canarian potatoes and Bistros country style potato wedges.

Most of the portions are also possible to get as gluten free, lactose free, and low-carbohydrate ask waitress for these!

Children portions numbers 8-21 (for under 12 years old)

Muuta Maukasta

22 Bistro’s breakfast
Toast, two fried eggs, bacon, meatballs and tomato
23 Ham and cheese sandwich 2.80€
24 Opera Sandwich Toast
Home made burger steak and fried egg
25 Hunter’s Sandwich Toast
Home made burger steak with mushroom sauce
26 Portion Of French Fries
Bistro’s country potato wedges or seasonal vegetables with Bistro’s mayonnaise
27 Ham or cheese omelette 5.90€
28 Ham and cheese omelette 5.90€
29 Vegetable-Cheese omelette 5.90€

Home made desserts

30 Homemade blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream 3.90€
31 Pancakes, strawberry dressing and whipped cream 4.90€
32 Three ball’s vanilla ice-cream portion
Chocolate or strawberry dressing and whipped cream